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why paper bags

It’s not just for the environment… Yes there are many environmental reasons for why you should use paper bags,  but it’s also about the human psychology.

Human mind has been trained by now to feel a certain sense of delight, relief, and satisfaction when they see someone else holding paper bags.

We have been hardwired to associate paper bags with a sense of responsibility towards the universe, a sense of maturity, a sense of ownership for life.

There’s only gain and benefit and joy that comes out of using paper bags. And no one said that thinking of the environment or being responsible or mature needs to be boring or dull. If you are going to hold a paper bag – might as well make it fun, exciting, upbeat, perky, customize it as per your unique style.
Why follow the same old design patterns and trends? Create your own style, speak your heart out, design your own range of paper bags for your brand, for your firm, for your team. Let the world know you care, you are responsible, and that you belong to a team.

More than one and a half centuries after the first paper bag was invented and produced (in 1852), paper bags have come a long way now. There are different designs and patterns and prints and materials and unique styles and the durability is so much longer than ever before! Because these paper bags last longer now, the environment  benefits even more.

You can reuse the fancy paper bags for as many times as you want, for as many different purposes and occasions, and continue making a style statement at the same time.

Classic Offset is determined to continue to make a positive impact on the environment and create a unique new style statement with paper bags, bringing you the best quality paper bags of all times!

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