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There was a time in history when, if something was to be gifted to someone, people would look for the best paper gifts bag which carried a fancy brand label. The fancier the label, the esteem and value of the gift was assumed to be equally greater. At that time in history, very few brands invested in fancy paper bags for gifting or for their own branding. Plastic bags were more the norm of the day.

As time progressed, trends have changed for the better. More and more brands today have become aware of the need to not only replace their brand plastic bags with high quality paper gift bags to aid and support the environment; but also, having a luxury paper gift bag is a greater style statement today than anything else. Not just brands, but even consumers today understand the need of using elegant paper gift bags, whether it be for festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other social occasions.

The world has now awakened to the need and importance of using specially crafted and designed paper gifts bag online. Be it in assorted colors, fine prints, geometric patterns, or with some perky message, everyone is looking for a customized and personalized paper gift bag. But the worry that many brands or customers face today is that of time.

Who has the time today to go into the market and select or search for the best paper gifts bag? The world has moved online and everything is now available at the click of the fingers. Classic Offset helps brands and customers create their own uniquely designed paper gift bags online. If you are looking for personalized wholesale paper gift bags for your brand, Classic Offset offers you the best and most creatively designed options to suit your needs.


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