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stylized boxes

  • gifting paper boxes
  • jewellery boxes
  • cake boxes
  • confectionery boxes

Gifting for special occasions like anniversaries, celebrations and weddings can be made even more special with our stylized gifting boxes. Place your elegant invitation in a beautiful box and charm your guests even more.

Retail stores, fashion designers, hotels can enhance the packaging and presentation of their exclusive products by encasing them in our elegant, customdesigned fancy gift boxes.

Our designer boxes are particularly suited for luxury items like jewellery, watches, confectionery, fine chocolates, expensive perfumes, cosmetics or extravagant scarves. 
The gift boxes not only add an aesthetic appeal to your gift, but also enhance the overall charm of the gift. Whether for a special occasion, or for your corporate requirements, make a classy statement with these stylized gift boxes.
Going for a sales pitch with an important client? Be sure to wrap up your gift in classy gift box. Thinking of sending a special gift to all your clients and employees on Diwali or New Year or Christmas? The decorative boxes and packaging will make them all jump with joy and strengthen your bonds.

Whatever your business requirement may be, stylized custom made gift boxes will go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on the minds of your clients inside and outside your organization.
Textured, metallic, handmade, imported fine papers available in a variety of colors and designs are specially used for enhancing the finish and quality of the boxes! Choose from a wide range of stylized gift boxes such as paper gift boxes, printed gift boxes, decorative boxes and more.
With Classic Offset, you can create or select any custom-designed and stylized boxes to go with your requirements.


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